Chris Haywood

PRCA Public Relations Officer

Deputy Director of Foot Health
South Downs Health NHS Trust
Email: christopher.haywood [AT]
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I have become increasingly focused in delivering evidence based, effective podiatry care to patients with rheumatic disease both as a practitioner and manager. By working, liaising and networking with others of similar focus I have been able to organise services to effectively meet the caseload needs.

Whilst still involved clinically, especially in the assessment and care planning of Rheumatology Patients in a joint clinic with the Consultant Rheumatologist my focus has now moved towards introducing, developing and establishing a ‘Lead Podiatrist in Rheumatology’ role as part of the Foot Health Service. Having undertaken a clinical audit to identifying the need, I am now making a case and proposing a strategy for the delivery of such a service.

A previous project, resulting in the creation of a specialist post and establishing a Podiatrist as a key member of the Rheumatology Team has developed my expertise in focusing service provision to meet the needs of the Rheumatology caseload.

I am a member of the PRCA because I believe it is the most effective organisation promoting appropriate Podiatry care for Rheumatology patients. My involvement with the PRCA extends to helping promote and develop a national strategy which will ensure appropriate and effective podiatry care for Rheumatology Caseloads and integrate Podiatric Rheumatic Care as a key specialism in the profession.

I have been a member for 3 years supporting the work of the Association in my capacity as a Public Relations Officer.

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