Debbie Turner

ARC Senior Lecturer in Podiatry

Glasgow Caledonian University
Email: debbie.turner [AT]
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Debbie graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 1996; and since then she has worked as podiatrist on a part-time basis specialising in the area of rheumatology, has taught on the undergraduate podiatry program at the University of Huddersfield and has undertaken research related to foot biomechanics.

She has worked as a research assistant at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia and as a research fellow working on a number of projects funded by the Medical Research Council and the Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC) at the University of Leeds.

In April 2007, she was awarded an ARC funded academic post hosted at Glasgow Caledonian University to work with Professor Jim Woodburn and Professor Roger Sturrock. Through the ARC funding, over the next five years she will undertake a programme of highly focused patient driven studies investigating the way in which inflammatory arthritis affects the feet and will develop new podiatry treatments based around specialised orthoses, footwear, physical rehabilitation and imaging to aid joint and soft-tissue injections.

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